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    Health Benefits and Therapeutic Uses

    • One of the major uses of as its most popular name suggests, horny goat week or epimedium is used for its aphrodisiacal qualities.

    • Due to its aphrodisiacal qualities, it is also used in treatments for infertility, impotence and seminal discharges.

    • This herb has also shown traits of being able to simulate the male sex organs, akin to testosterone, and in turn, increase the secretion of semen. Even though there has been no medical study or research to back this up, the herb is very popular in home remedies.

    • This herb has also shown to, in cases, increase levels of epinephrine, serotonin and dopamine along with a reduction in cortisol levels. Therefore, this herb can also be used to reduce stress in individuals.

    • As this herb is able to reduce cortisol levels, it also helps build immunity to diseases and build up the immune system.

    • Decreasing cortisol levels are also linked to increased muscle density and reduced bone deterioration and therefore, an overall improvement in health.

    • Epimedium has also shown that it can restore levels of thyroid and testosterone.

    • The herb is also used as an anti asthmatic, anti rheumatic, anti bacterial, cough suppressant, and vasodilator.

    • The herb can be used as a hypoglycemic tonic as it is known to reduce blood sugar when ingested.

    • This herb is used in treatments for arthritis, lumbago, numbness and weakness of limbs, chronic bronchitis, viral infections of the heart, and hypertension.

    • Its properties are also used to reduce bone loss in osteoporosis, bone loss in menopause and blood disorder called chronic leucopenia.

    Long term use of this herb has also been known to cause vomiting, nosebleeds and dizziness. Large amounts of this herb can also lead to constricted breathing and spasms. This herb can also lower blood pressure to dangerously low levels, causing fainting spells. Like most herbs, this herb is not to be treatment for the condition as there is little scientific research that backs up these claims. There is also a chance that this herb might react with your medication.


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