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    Health Benefits of Bitter Melon (Corilla)

    Corilla is not only used as an ingredient for cooking delicious delicacies, but it is also used for medical purposes. Most Asian countries and in African territory, Corilla is used to treat some simple stomachache. They eat its fruit in raw and keeps on soaking it in either honey or olive oil.

    Health Benefits of Bitter Melon (Corilla) on Digestive System
    Corilla has antihelminthic or anthelmintic compounds. This property is used for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and can kill parasitic worms inside our body. In Togo, they used this fruit to naturally eliminate the worms inside their body. It can cure gastrointestinal diseases because it has compounds that can kill toxic substances that keep on killing the good bacteria inside of us.

    Health Benefits of Bitter Melon in Infections
    Corilla leaves are also used to cure some ailments. It can prevent malaria bacteria from growing. Well, as we all know, prevention is always better than cure. When you start to see the symptoms of malaria or if your doctor says that you have malaria, boil some Corilla leaves and drink it like a tea. You can add garlic, salt, or small amount of sugar to even out the bitter taste of its leaves.

    Corilla tea is not only expert in killing malaria bacteria, but it can also weaken some viruses such as chickenpox, measles, herpes, and even HIV. It slows down the bacterial growth, and kills it after some time.


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